Pieta House ‘Mind Our Men’ GAA awareness night

Hey all, 

Back on November 8th 2013 I tweeted about the idea of hosting an awareness night for GAA clubs in North Tipperary in association with the Pieta House ‘Mind Our Men’ campaign. The ‘Mind Our Men’ campaign is a worthy initiative aimed at reducing male suicide in Ireland but it will only help if clubs engage and make use of the knowledge and skills Pieta House provides. Together we can all help prevent 8 men dying by suicide every week in Ireland. This is 8 men too many, you will agree?

Helping people is not of course limited to associations or groups, we can give our help to anyone in this world.

On the night a Pieta House representative will deliver a presentation on helping to equip people with the skills required to notice men who are struggling and require some help in order to get things back on track in their lives and avoid bringing a permanent end to their struggles. It will be a positive event designed to ensure people in their local community can help others in their local community. Through people coming together and helping their own, our communities will grow stronger and be a better place for us all to lead our lives. 

The sole aim of the event and why I want it to go ahead, is so that people help other people in their locality. 

With this in mind, it would be great to know if the interest is there among hurling/Gaelic football and camogie clubs in North Tipperary to attend such an event?

I would envisage at least 3 people from each club attending in order to bring a diversity of thought from within each club. The input and attendance of camogie clubs will be crucial also as our women play as equal a role in helping men open up and speak about the challenges they are facing or the worries they find overwhelming.  

So, I would ask people/clubs who may be interested in attending or would like further information to contact me via the following: You can reply to this blog post, email me on seamushennessy89@gmail.com or tweet me @fezfez121

A date, time and location will be agreed upon once we see the interest levels among our clubs. However, I would tentatively offer a timeframe of 3-4 weeks from now for the event to take place. 

Please feel free to share this post on all social media platforms to help raise awareness and see can we get all 19 GAA clubs in North Tipperary and beyond to attend perhaps. Here’s hoping…………………… 🙂 





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